Amiya Resort Residences 2 ok’d by the City Council

Kisan Lu Lands

Kisan Lu Lands in action at the City Council

The 12-12-12 is considered now as lucky day of Kisan Lu Lands Inc, developer of Amiya Resort Residences, as the city council of Davao City has approved its application for development permit on December 12,2012 during their 48th session.

It is a big early christmas gift to the whole family of Kisan Lu Lands and its constituents as it permits them to operate and sell the more or less 50-hectare raw land in Puan, Davao City.

The team composed of engineering and marketing were optimistic as they presented the final presentation at the city council. The company believes that Davao City is also sailing in the river of KLLDI’s vision- to promote healthy living while preserving the beauty and balance of nature.

During the presentation, Engineer Deana Tugas also presented the truth behind the rumors and what is being reported on local TV accusing Amiya as the cause of flood in a 5-hectare community that is located just beside Amiya.

Tugas, along with his visual presentation, pointed out that the source of flood is not coming from Amiya but instead from the existing canal along Libby Road, Puan which has a cross drain traversing the property. The engineer also discussed that Amiya has its own drainage design that will not definitely contribute to any flooding possibilities.

Social Networking sites are flooded with a question, “What will happen to me this 12-12-12” For Amiya Resort Residences and Kisan Lu Lands Inc, it is a great day to celebrate. Cheers!

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