Facebook inconvenience

Lately, Facebook didn’t allow us to post any link of this website in status and chat box because accordingly somebody reported this site as unsafe. Thus, this social network blocked any incoming links from kisanluhomes.com.

In our initial investigation, our site was infected with a bot that directly post in our behalf which resulted to a very annoying post spreading on facebook. Consequently, our brokers and clients cannot share, like or post the link on their fb accounts.

We would like to ask apology for this inconvenience. We have deleted the bot already and contacted FACEBOOK to remove us from unsafe list of websites. This will take time so please understand.

Our website is still fully functional. You can share it on twitter or linkedn. You can still contact our administrators for your inquiries and other concerns.


-Alberto Egot Jr.

Kisan Lu Lands Marketing Manager

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Inquire now. Contact these customer service hotline. Sun : 09228757381 | Globe: 09179546615 | Smart: 0986351293.

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