Kisan Lu gives 2 million cash incentives

Kisan Lu Lands

The top salespersons of Kisan Lu Lands

More than 2 million were given away to the Kisan Lu Lands Inc sales persons as incentives to those who performed as business partners of the company by selling KLLDI’s projects during the  brokers Christmas party at the Philippine Women’s College Event Center.

The party was also highlighted annual awards night for its project Amiya Resort Residences. The awarding of incentives took place at the same place where the management headed by the president Arch.Kristin Lu handed out the said cash incentives to its sellers.

Noel Magan, Kisan Lu Lands agency manager, topped among others and received a coveting P1,000,000 cash over and above his commission he got from his production totaling to 123 million worth of sales for the whole year. Top unit managers and property consultants received P50,000 pesos plus a trip for 1 in China, Thaliand or Singapore.

The party was graced also by the agency’s Christmas presentations with a futuristic touch since the party was themed “The Future Begins”. Another P15,000 was given to the winner of the said presentation contest. On the hand, sales person who shone like a star that night was also recognized and given a cash prize.

The party was hosted by Davao comedian Eduana Diva partnered with the company’s marketing manager Alberto Egot Jr who is also the event’s organizer.

The party ended with a solemn prayer for the victims of typhoon Pablo and a campaign to call for more helping hands for the recovery of the affected areas. Kisan Lu Lands is currently accepting donations in any form for the said victims.

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